When you use Alphabull Media, certain information will be collected from you via either you submitting or participating on the website. This information will not be used to harm the users or ourselves in any shape or form but instead, something that is necessary for the continuation of the platform. Alphabull Media will not use this information to solicit to its users unless they opt into such options. For instance, the user entering their email to signup for an email list. All other information is simply used to improve the overall quality of the website(s).




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  • We use Amazon Associates Program which does use and gather cookies of the users to solicit advertisements to purchasing items off their websites.


  • We here at Alphabull Media will not use this information in a negative way.




  • ALPHABULL MEDIA also uses self-serving ads that allow our users to purchase from us. We do not store any information other than if a user(s) has clicked or not for traffic monitoring purposes.


  • We here at Alphabull Media will not use this information in a negative way.




Alphabull Media respects the privacy of others and WOULD NEVER disclose your personal information (ESPECIALLY NOT IN A NEGATIVE WAY) unless forced to BY LAW of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.


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