13 Quail Eggs Dosa!! Indian Street Food + Goli Soda in Kochi, India!


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KOCHI, KERALA, INDIA – Kochi is the biggest city in Kerala. Itโ€™s a vibrant and busy city, but still relaxing in comparison to many of the larger cities in India. We only had a short time in Kochi on our final day before flying out of Kerala, so we made the most of it. This Indian street food tour of Kochi includes a number of impressive drinks, hand-made soda making and mixing, and a 13 quail eggs dosa! #Kochi #Kerala #India

Kerala Snacks – To begin this food tour, we first stopped for some afternoon snacks and tea, including vada, fried eggs, and some samosas. 152 INR ($2.15) – Total price for 5 people

Soda – Also known as marble soda, or Goli Soda of Kochi, the juice or water is filled into marble top bottles, spun with gas, and instantly emerges a carbonated soda beverage. Thatโ€™s incredible, but the magic for me is when they mix in lime juice, salt, sugar syrup, and pop the marble bottles to open, and mix a fresh soda beverage for you. Amazing place to see and drink sodas in Kochi, Kerala, India. 20 INR ($0.28) – About price per soda

Sundarams Dosa – Kochi, India – For dinner, we headed to Sundarams Dosa, a place to eat amazing variety styles of dosa in Kochi. I immediately went for the 13 quails egg dosa. They were so cool, and added extra chili powder and chutney. One of the best dosas Iโ€™ve ever had in my life as well, so incredibly good!

Drink Magicians – Easily some of the best bartenders in the world, Kochi is famous for their drink shows. They mix chilies and juice, and shake them so hard, they almost carbonate on their own. One of their signature moves is squirting milk as it splashes into your cup. 50 INR ($0.71) – About price per drink

Finally, we ended this Indian street food tour of Kochi with hot chips – freshly fried Kerala banana chips.

Thank you again to Ebbin Jose (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-wTAWLHOWLYyZI9m_JV8zg) for arranging this once in a life-time Kerala trip. It was an amazing trip in Godโ€™s Own Country!

Watch the entire Kerala, Indian food video series here: https://youtu.be/WYk5yyHvpvE



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