Business Ethics by Larenz Tate Is A Must Watch

  Business Ethics by Larenz Tate is one of a kind! The movie features Larenz Tate as a hotshot hedge fund manager that just can’t seem to lose his luck. It takes the viewer through a wild ride of the ups and downs of not only a black business owner but also an oddly successful one. He does this by using his knowledge of business to create a perfect yet odd team that seems to believe in his actions until a few of them start to see his dark side. The cast of the movie is quirky and all of them played their roles perfectly. The movie features everything from comedy, hidden romance, murder, money, scheming, and God. There wasn’t a single thing missing from this project. Tate plays the role of someone who just doesn’t seem to feel he’s done any wrong at all. But yet the viewer gets to see the dark side of his character the entire time. Wisdom from a previous college professor replays throughout the movie like hidden messages to keep the viewer on the edge of their seats. It reminds us of Casino or Wolves of Wallstreet the way the movie draws you in. All in all, this has to be the movie of 2020 (trust us, we watched Songbird and it was πŸ’©) Discuss.

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