Detroit TCF Center Sued By Great Lakes Center

Detroit TCF Center Sued By Great Lakes Center Michigan 2020 election live updates: Biden, Peters win in Michigan Dang! Seems they ain’t letting up on Michigan. Michigan has its 3rd lawsuit being filed against them in the same week. Republican counties are still pressed about an election that Donald Trump lost, last person that lost a second term was in 1999, which obviously has Donald Trump feeling embarrassed.

Great Lakes justice center filed the third voting lawsuit against Wayne county circuit court, the lawsuit claims there are problems with the counting process in Detroit. This seems to be the recurring pattern when the votes are not for Trump. The lawsuit relies on a Detroit employee who works for the city and Republican poll challengers. Another claim from a Republican website is that they saw wagons, coolers, and suitcases being moved in and out of the voting area. But as videos on Youtube have shown us from the WXYZ news team themselves, they were only using the wagons and suitcases to carry news equipment around. Besides that, Trump’s campaign doesn’t have any more evidence. The entire claim is supported by “late” ballots for Democrats and poll challengers who were denied access to counting. Again, as we all know from the countless texts and letters in the mail, the ballots weren’t late, they were still being counted all over the country.


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