George Floyd Spitting Straight FACTS!

George Floyd who was murdered by Police in Minneapolis on May 25th 2020 has some very powerful words for our youth. In the video, he explains how the “thug” life is not the life for our children and that the older generation needs to stop encouraging the behavior and start being the ones to lead our youth to better opportunities.
There is a lot of extra stuff going on with these intended peaceful protests. Luckily, this video really shows the type of behavior George Floyd was about. He wasn’t about looting stores, he wasn’t about violence especially among our people. He was a man of a high standard and honor. A man who had gone through the rough so that he could help young bulls see a better way. We need more George Floyd’s on our blocks to help speak positive energy instead of the negativity that surrounds us. RIP Mr. Floyd. Discuss.

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