Kanye West Running For President Is Big

Kanye West Running for President is BIG news. Kanye recently made a huge statement on twitter:   You probably thinking to yourself that’s just crazy! Kanye could never be president but that’s the same thing people were saying about Trump. Kanye has always prided himself on being a genious and a person who can be good at multiple things. Kanye has influence in the music industry, fashion industry and streets. Kanye West does have the potential to win simply because the choices are Trump or Biden which is even more ominous than Trump VS Hillary. The bad part is that (A) he’s running into issues being placed on the ballot:
But it’s too late for him to file as an independent candidate in four states, and it doesn’t appear that he has registered with the Federal Election Committee either (source).
And (B) minorities and whites everywhere would run out to vote for him causing Biden and Trump’s votes to change. That could lead to Biden being knocked out the race because people who usually vote democrat would vote for Kanye instead and leaving us with Trump for another four years. But then again, a Kanye Presidency might be more chaotic than a Trump but who are we kidding it’s Yeezy! Looks like things are already going about as crazy as they can be. Why not go out with style?

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