Kodak Black Sues Federal Bureau of Prisons For Torture

Kodak Black Sues Federal Bureau of Prisons For Torture We all love the young bull Kodak Black it’s hard not to love him. A very accomplished young man that seems to have the same curse on him as DMX. He just can’t seem to stay the fuck out of the system. It sucks watching it happen because he’s so young and hasn’t even tapped into his real potential. Kodak Black and his legal team is claiming that after he was moved to Kentucky he has experienced all types of crazy torture from the guards.
Black alleges that since he’s been in Kentucky, he’s been “tortured,” citing several incidents of abuse. He says he was put in a four-point restraint in a backless hospital gown for over 6 hours without bathroom access and as a result, urinated and defecated on himself. He says correction officers joked and laughed during the incident. Yahoo News
Kodak Black also claims that he was not allowed to communicate with his spiritual advisor, a Rabbi. Kodak Black is a practicing Hebrew Israelite which is a religion based on the belief that Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the real Israelites of the Bible. Don’t know about y’all but this is really upsetting to see a young man go through so much. They are turning him into a prisoner of war with these tactics and it speaks volumes for the people without a voice and a following behind those walls. Hopefully, something is done, hopefully, justice is served. Discuss.

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