Michigan Republicans claim the election “Is not over”

  Looks like the Michigan republican trumpets are back at again with their good ole’ American protest!. They have been protesting Detroit’s tcf center downtown over the past few days chanting “stop the vote” even though we thought all votes mattered. It was even reported while they were protesting, someone called a bomb threat to the TCF center.  

Some more issues were fired up when some poll challengers weren’t allowed into the counting area since each group (Democrat and Republican) is only allowed 134 challengers that can observe in counting. Some of the trumpets couldn’t seem to handle being told no, so they started banging on the windows and doors chanting and screaming “let us in”. (Whoo chile the ghetto), some Republicans were even complaining that democrats had a larger group that got to observe the count.

Police had to stand in front of the entrance of the TCF center to prevent any more challengers from coming in. And they didn’t stop in just Detroit, they made their way up to Bloomfield Hills to protest saying the election “is not over” even though Biden already won Michigan. They seem to be convinced that Trump should be the winner even though a Republican is the one who poisoned their water. Discuss. .

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