Nevan Baker was found hanging from a tree and death ruled suicide

Nevan Baker was found hanging from a tree… So here we go again with the same idea that happens almost every time when a black man is found hanging from a tree. It seems like for some reason Orlando Police Department couldn’t comprehend what exactly happened so they just “chalked” it up to another depressed black man. There have been numerous cases this year alone and the cops keep ruling them suicides! Who gives the badges out in some of these states is what you gotta ask yourself.

Someone actually sat back and thought, “when you want to kill yourself it makes sense to do it outside and even give credence to do it in a way that resembles a timeless racist attack…” Okay, sarcasm off. Not only was this young man found hanging from a tree but his hands were tied, teeth missing, and face bruised. We think most of us would have walked up to the crime scene and figured out what happened but for some reason, the Orlando Police Department seems to have hired a bunch of Doofys.

🙏🏾 out to the family and we pray they catch everyone involved   Discuss.

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