Record-breaking rainfall causes massive flooding in central Michigan

Over 10.000 people evacuated their homes, and some might be put in shelters, increasing the risk of Coronavirus spread. May 2020 – Over the past few days, heavy rainfall has affected central Michigan, causing extensive floods in Midland County. With over 4 inches of water in just about 48 hours, the weather situation gave way to record rainfall for the area. The out-of-control rainfall led to rivers and streams overflowing, as well as overstressing the capacity of dams in the area, which failed to contain water levels. The communities of Edenville and Sanford have been hit quite hard, with over 10.000 residents under evacuation orders, as the failure of the Sanford dam caused the Tittabawassee river to overflow. Some of the people affected by these flooding will be put into shelters. While it’s good to see that these people will have access to accommodation and other resources, the situation might be particularly risky at this time. The enclosed, communal facilities of shelter-like environment might indeed facilitate the spread of COVID-19, in the wake of the current pandemic. Residents are currently being advised to stay cautious, and get away from dangerous areas that might still be at risk.

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