Suspended Detroit judge Kahlilia Davis sues court

After much-claimed mistreatment suspended Detroit judge Kahlilia Davis sues court

Davis has been suspended with pay for not using proper courthouse equipment.

Judge Kahlilia Davis has filed a $10 million federal lawsuit against former chief 36th district court and the whole court itself.  Judge Kahlilia has claimed she was exposed to discrimination and harassment, which involved denied usage of the staff bathroom.

Judge Kahlilia Davis has stated in her claim that alleged former chief nancy Blount refused to assist with Davis’s medical needs, as well as ignoring her request for a heavyweight toilet. Davis has also claimed that staff members have continually asked about a three-week medical leave Davis took three years ago in an aggressive and or inappropriate way. Davis’s suit states that the questions violate HIPAA laws.

The lawsuit shows complaints of countless incidents that involve staff members allegedly harassing her in a demeaning way. She also states that she was denied a secretary and was never trained on how to work courtroom technology.

Kahlilia claims that the staff members’ mistreatment began after she asked for some medical forms. In the 37 page suit, Davis claims that Blount has sent emails harassing her.

Davis stated that shortly after her return from her medical leave she was asked about her medical issue and was sent for a medical examination by a physical therapist selected by Nancy Blount. Davis also said that she was told she could not use the restroom on her courthouse floor until an arrangement was made.

Allegedly 4 months later Davis told Bount in an email that she needed to be placed in a room closer to the restroom because she takes water pills. Davis later explained in the email that she couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time and urinated on herself. Davis also claims that she was told she cannot use the judge’s entrance. Back in February 2019, Davis claims she had to walk a longer distance to her courtroom causing physical pain that caused her to need a wheelchair.

Davis also stated that the mistreatment from Nancy Blount caused depression, emotional distress, and physical pain. The lawsuit also says that Blount has violated Davis’s civil rights.


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