Three counts of felonious assault charges for Detroit police officer

There were three counts of felonious assault charges given to Daniel Debon, a previous Detroit police officer. The incident occurred on May 31st at twelve midnight, at an anti-racism protest that sparked because of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The three journalists M-live photographer Nicole Hester and independent photojournalists Seth Herald and Matthew Hatcher. Daniel Debon approached the three journalists in riot gear as they were walking away from the protesting area early around midnight May 31st. The three identified themselves with Debon before asking to cross the street and had their hands up. While the three journalists were crossing the street, Debon shot them with rubber bullets in an “unprovoked” shooting. “Evidence shows that the three journalists were leaving the protest area and there was hardly anyone on the street where they were” Kym Worthy the county prosecutor stated. “They were a threat to no one,” stated Kym Worthy. All three journalists sustained injuries, Nicole Hester sustaining the most. The felonious assault charge has a maximum of four years in prison if convicted.

What The Chief Had To Say

During a press conference completely unrelated, Chief James Craig said that the department has launched an investigation. Craig also said the investigation had been given to prosecutor Kym Worthy, county prosecutor to look over and review Chief James Craig also added during the press conference that his department has reacted in a spectacular manner, even when and if the protest got a little violent. Daniel Debon pleaded not guilty as of Thursday, July 23, 2020. Via video with the 36th district judge, Roberta Archer. Debon has been suspended from the Detroit police department and has since then found a job in Texas. Daniel Debon must ask permission from Roberta Archer if he can leave the state to go back to work or retrieve his belongings. How is he going to plead not guilty when there has been so much evidence right in front of everyone? It took him so long to get charged in general and we still have to fight to put him in prison. For him to be a criminal, he should NOT have the right to go back to Texas to “retrieve his belongings” and he definitely doesn’t deserve to be apart of our city! Come back to get more news from Flex Detroit. Discuss.

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