You Have To Try The Plaza Mexico Restaurant

  If you’ve ever been on the nine-mile strip in the metro area then chances are you’ve driven by this authentic Mexican restaurant called Plaza Mexico. It’s stuck off to the side of the road but if you can manage to squeeze in there, you’re going to have a good time. Now I myself have been here many times but this time I wanted to be different and try something new so I ordered the Plaza Mexico Mexican Pizza. My girl, on the other hand, my girl wanted to grab the steak and chicken fajitas. In the meantime, me and my girl chomped down on some salsa and nachos. Now when I say that, it sounds pretty basic but if you’ve ever had the salsa at Plaza Mexico, you’d know what I was talking about. It’s filled with healthy tomatoes that burst in your mouth when you bite the sauce. Onions that give just the right amount of tang to the flavor and cilantro that scrape and clean the palette, while heat levels vary based on customer request. Anyways, about ten minutes later here comes my girl chicken and steak fajitas   You Have To Try The Plaza Mexico Restaurant As you can see, they don’t mess around on the fajitas. Normally you’d probably get some tough steak that you have to chew fifty or thirty times to make it go down. Not here at Plaza Mexico though, you get this tender bite where the meat almost melts in your mouth. As for the chicken, it doesn’t take dry but instead, nice and juicy. If you go to Plaza Mexico and order the steak and chicken fajitas, you will pretty much melt your tastebuds. Following maybe about one minute later, I am introduced to a large monstrosity that is the Plaza Mexico Mexican Pizza. You Have To Try The Plaza Mexico Restaurant The first thing you might notice about the dish is that it is the toppings. Which features that blend of tomatoes and onions again but alongside that is a heaping side of Munster cheese! The cheese pull alone was enough to get me together but alas, it was the crispy tortilla shell at the bottom that took the cake. When you bite into this huge pizza, you get a bite full of crunch. Accompanied by this crispy shell is tender chicken and beef and once again, the meat is soft and tender. The real beauty of both of these dishes from Plaza Mexico is that it tastes real and not processed. The food tastes authentic and not only that but made with human love. If you haven’t already stopped by Plaza Mexico and live near the east Detroit area, you need to. And if you aren’t up to dinning in you can always place an order via DoorDash Discuss.

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