Barvarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth, Michigan, Broken Coin Game cheating it's users.


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While playing arcade game I found and verified by Barvarian Inn Lodge employee machine malfunctioned.
Could have cheated hundreds of people.

JIM ENGEL C.O.O. responded with this;

Dear Mr. Hartung, I just met with Mr. Tim Acord the Games Manager at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. He has confirmed that the malfunction you experienced was less than a 3 hour period of time. Every game is inspected for accuracy in operation 7 days a week. He personally inspected those games about 3 hours earlier in the day. In looking at the activity log for the game, it was minimally used by only a few guests in that time. I suspect that like you… they realized it was malfunctioning. But “they” did not report it like you did. Thank you kindly for your follow thru and concern for the public. As a Consumer Advocate myself, I always am looking for things to be “right” in procedure, in policies that are reasonable and in quality of all service and products I encounter. I too let people know when something doesn’t seem right. We at the Lodge work very had to create enjoyable experiences at every level and touch point in the Bavarian Inn properties. So having the games at optimum operation is always a high priority. We do hope you will consider visiting us again soon. Sincerely, Jim Engel, C.O.O. Bavarian Inn Lodge

Sounds great and all, BUT it had to have been malfunctioning for at least 24hrs. The night before I played it with the same problem.

Plus, he doesn’t say he will EVEN TRY to contact guests who wewere cheated.

Mr, Engel is now minimizing the situation which pushes me more to spread the word of his, the Barvarian Inn Lodge, arcade cheating the public.

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