DETROIT'S BEST CONEY DOG? History & Rivalry: Lafayette vs. American Coney Chili Hot Dog Food Review


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Hot dog history is a little murky, but one thing that’s for sure is that the coney dog was the fuel of the Motor City. After a long day in the factory, the coney dog was the fast, inexpensive, tasty comfort food for the men and women who built Detroit.

The rivalry between Lafayette and American coney island is the thing of legend and it’s something you really need to try if you want the real taste of Detroit.

A Detroit “Coney Dog” is defined as a naturally-cased hotdog on a steamed bun with beef chili (beanless), diced onions, and yellow mustard. Although the hotdog was born in New York, it was fostered & raised here in Detroit!

Today on the show we dive into the classic Detroit rivalry between Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island. These 2 restaurants are literally located side-by-side in downtown Detroit and they were started by 2 brothers who were had a falling out and decided to go their separate ways.

It’s important to note that both Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island each have a huge fan base that supports them passionately and the rivalry between these 2 restaurants has been simmering for as long as they’ve been around.

We made the mistake in the past of recommending one of these restaurants on our “Detroit Dining Guide” (this is before we understood the history and the rivalry) and several guests were quick to “update” our guide with the other restaurant. 🙂

This rivalry is something very special here in Detroit and we highly recommend that you come check both places out next time you’re in town and you want a real taste of classic Detroit history!

So what’s your favorite coney dog? Let us know what in the comments below!

Is a Coney Dog just a chili dog? Yes and no. We’ve been corrected on this by multiple sources: A Coney Dog is technically a type of chili dog but it’s totally unique because of the specific ingredients used which are… a naturally-cased hotdog, a steamed bun, bean-less beef chili, diced onions, and yellow mustard.

Our friends at American Coney Island mentioned that their chili is made from a top-secret family recipe!

Our friends at Lafayette said that the hotdog itself was a 50/50 beef and pork blend.

To be honest, both dogs were AMAZING! In each case, we were really impressed by the flavors and textures that each cony dog delivered. The most impressive thing of all we would say is that amazing “pop” you get when you bite into the naturally-cased hotdog. This sensation alone will have us coming back again and again!

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