Weekly News Recap #239 April 6, 2020


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Weekly MMO News summary and recap for the week ended April 6, 2020 (March 30 – April 6). To read more news and headlines, see

See the news recap on with links to each of the game’s covered here:

This week I discussed news for the following games / companies: Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm, Valorant, Elder Scrolls Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Sea of Thieves, Crucible, Eve Online, Starborne, Ashes of Creation, and Bloodlines of Prima.

0:00 Elyson Ascent Infinite Realm
1:03 Phantasy Star Online 2
1:42 Valorant
2:27 Bloodlines of Prima
3:08 Crucible
3:49 Elder Scrolls Online
4:42 Eve Online
5:15 Starborne
5:40 Ashes of Creation
6:14 Sea of Thieves

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