Police Use Teargas, Rubber Bullets, Handcuffs On Detroit Reporters Covering George Floyd Protests


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In a special live episode, Mike Morse and Kevin Dietz talk to two reporters who are in the middle of the Detroit anti-racism protests, BridgeDetroit Senior Reporter, Louis Aguilar and Detroit News Reporter, Christine McDonald. McDonald was detained on May 31st briefly due to filming an arrest. She highlights how reporters can be targeted by cops because the cops believe they are reporting negatively about them. They talk about their experience in the crowds and their opinions on city curfews. Both reporters have unique perspectives on the situation and give useful historical context.

Following the reporter’s stories, Mike and Kevin talk to Detroit Police Chief, James Craig to answer questions about the protests and be a voice for the cops. Craig has been an outspoken advocate for arresting Derek Chauvin, the officer accused of killing George Floyd saying, “It was clear evidence, that suggests it was probable cause to arrest this officer for murder.”

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