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So in this set i got a chance to play ChrisG while he was streaming live because i am a sub on his twitch channel…was really impressed with how i handled this set but i noticed some things i need to work on and thats

1. Flash kicking his demon flips – i kept trying to anti-air them everytime and kept getting hit
2. Stop my random flashkicks – sometimes they do work but when playing a pro player i have to remain solid at all times.
3. get better at crush countering – i need to maximize my damage a little more when giving the chance.
4. remain calm – if you noticed in some matches i couldve won either the match or the set but i got too impatient and lost
5. need to start confirming more – anything i jab someone twice i need to confirm that into a flashkick…if i backfist someone i need to try to confirm that into v trigger..i am leaving those extra hits on the table and i really think thats why some of the matches i played i lost.

Overall i needed this match and the coach steve match to see how i fairly stand since i am trying to travel again…

Again ChrisG thanks for the matches…hope we get to play again soon.

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