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Historically, New York and Chicago have always duked it out for the title of “America’s Best Pizza.” But Thrillist host (and Michigan native) Cliff Skighwalker begs to differ. In his mind, Detroit-style pizza is quickly coming for the throne. In this episode of “The Hit List,” Cliff explains why Detroit-style pizza is one of the hottest food trends in the country, and how its rich history is a point of pride for the city. If you haven’t wanted to try Detroit-style pizza yet, you will after this video.

Where are the top 10 vacation spots to visit this year? Who are the 10 worst characters in “Game of Thrones” history? What are the 10 absolute best pizza topping combinations known to humankind? On “The Hit List,” Thrillist combines its obvious passion for having fun while listing things you care about, and brings it to your (small) screen.


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