"You good," comedy skit on doctors as drug dealers


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Comedy sketch metaphorically depicting doctors as drug dealers on the block… (for questions and concerns about the “N-word,” please refer to: https://davidfostercomedyblog.com/post/38230218401/the-new-nigga-and-new-racists)

Starring, written, directed, produced by: @dfostercomedy
Starring and co-produced by: @PerryStrong
And: @Brendan_Fitz, @jerryshack, @SergioChicon

Featured in the following:
Friar’s Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SfZ494esSw
LaComedy Fest: https://www.lacomedyfest.com/schedule/you-good/
Flick My Clip: https://flickmyclip.com/
Coney Island Film Fest: https://www.coneyislandfilmfestival.com/
Elite Daily: https://elitedaily.com/humor/watch-the-funniest-drug-dealer-sketch-youll-see-today-video/

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